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Resume Writing 101

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Have you ever applied for a job without hearing anything back? In today’s digital world, resumes continue to play a key role in the hiring process. You career history and educational life is what will set you apart from your competition. Yeah, your experience might be compelling to a recruiter, but a few mistakes on your resume can give him or her a bitter feeling in their mouth. In this post, we will hone in on the mistakes that can make or break you.
Resume Tips

Mistake #1: Poor Grammar

In 2014, one survey suggests that half of all employers looking to interview candidates don’t even bother with a resume if they see grammar or spelling errors. To them, that person would be defined as an unconcerned employee meaning you just care about getting paid and don’t really care about helping the company grow.

Make sure your resume has been proofed multiple times by either you, a friend or a colleague. By doing this, your resume will not only get looked over for any typos or issues, but you will also get different perspectives on how to enhance your resume in order to stick out from the crowd. Remember, you want to be clear and concise when it comes to being hired. Your resume should be easy to read with eye-catching bullet points that can help you say that you are the best.

Mistake #2: Being Vague

When you apply for a job, make sure that your resume isn’t filled with unclear information on what you have done. Being too vague on a resume, can make an interviewer wonder why you applied for a certain job. Giving details about how a skillset you have has helped enhance a company in the past is the way to go. By highlighting precise accomplishments, the hiring manager can get a sense of how you will be able to fit in within their organization.

Mistake #3: No Spark

Recruiters or hiring manager’s typically skim through a resume until something you wrote sticks out to them. Put the important information on top of your resume to get noticed right away. A resume with some outdated information on it can be helpful if you are specific, but recruiters care more about what have you done recently in your life. The top of your resume is what should draw the hiring manager in, so make sure you show some personality in your resume and let it shine.

Making sure you are considered for a job can be hard, but with the right help from others and a little bit of research about the company will allow your resume to stick out. Do you have other resume tips or advice? Let us know in the comments below.

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