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Brighter Brain is a Management and Consulting company with a focus on the B2B technology sector. Headquartered on the north side of Atlanta, we work with emerging companies, around the U.S., to help them with talent acquisition and retention. Brighter Brain also seeks to invest in and partner with entrepreneurs who seek the venture capital and executive expertise needed to be able to successfully go to market.

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We know how frustrating it can be to have a fantastic business idea or concept only to find that no one will give you the chance to nurture and grow it.  We’ve been there, and we’re willing to listen to your idea.

While we won’t say yes to everything that comes across our radar, we can say that if we believe that your concept meets a legitimate need, is in the technology space, and has market potential, then we will give it a close look.

Be unique

Our best advice?  Don’t come to us with a ‘me too’ idea.  Your concept should be decidedly different if it is going to be successful.  So be sure to think deeply and be self-critical before you try to connect with us.

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