Brighter Brain exists to provide venture capital to entrepreneurs in the technology space.  While that might seem like a well-defined field of play, we have further sharpened our focus by primarily working with Software & Cloud Hosted Services organizations as well as Mobile Apps and Services companies.

Software & Cloud Hosted Services

Software as a Service (SaaS) and Cloud Hosted Computing Services have transformed how businesses and their employees interact with technology.  Instead of shrink-wrapped client and seat licenses or repetitive installations on countless desktop machines, companies and their employees are doing their work online and from virtually any internet connected device.

Brighter Brain has significant investments in organizations which provide the hosting environment to facilitate cloud computing, and we also provide seed funding to those creating the applications hosted in the cloud.

Mobile Apps and Related Services

A natural extension of our investments in Cloud Computing and Software as a Service, Brighter Brain believes that the future of business productivity will be found in the mobile space.  Just as the laptop and desktop computer made the typewriter obsolete, our feeling is that mobile devices like SmartPhones, Tablets, and wearables like Google Glass will soon supplant the traditional computer.

We invest in companies seeking to empower the mobile worker and the mobile consumer.  We seek to work with formative companies that want to be disruptive to the status quo and to find new ways to people to interact with technology.

We’re equally interested in investing in one developer with an amazing mobile idea as we are investing in a company seeking to create a host of apps and supporting technology.

Does this sound like you?  Connect with us via the form below and share what you have in mind.